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LG Platinum Commercial

Washers and Dryers

LG Giant-C


The Titan-C Series of washers and dryers offer a durable, easy to use, and sleek design that your residents will like. The machine boasts a patented NeverRust™ Tub and easy to use controls for reliability and ease of use. The Washers are Energy Star qualified which helps save money and promote a more sustainable laundry room. The machines offer flexible installation to fit the needs of the laundry room. All of these features make these machines make a great choice for your residential laundry room.


LG Titan-C

Titan C Washer No Background.png

The LG Titan-C is another great choice for your residents. Boasting the same reliability and easy of use as the Giant-C, the Titan offers a impressive 5.2 cubic feet of washer space and 9.0 cubic feet of dryer space. If you have the space, these machines can get a lot of laundry done at once to save your residents a great deal of time at the laundromat. The Titan-C is also Energy Star rated which saves your laundry room money and promotes a more sustainable footprint. With the impressive load capacity and easy of use, the Titan-C is a spectacular choice for residential laundry.

Titan C Dryer No Background.png

Want to Learn More?

All of the LG machines above come in a stack combo format and offer more features than we list here. If you would like to learn more information about how LG machines can make your laundry room better, give us a call today!

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