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MultiFamily Laundry Services

University Housing & Residence Life

University Housing & Residence Life

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Why Us?

University laundry services require an understanding of the needs of the university and the residents. Our approach to university housing and residence life allows us to work with you to find solutions that make your student's lives easier. We seek to put the students and staff in control in our approach to laundry service on a college campus.

What Do We Offer


We bring decades of experience to the table as our team is well versed in the needs of the university. We offer a flexible approach to service by making it easy to give us a call or file a service request online. We are also happy to offer laundry focus groups to see how we can better meet the needs of the campus environment.


Do you have Resident Assistants that need programming opportunities? We are happy to sponsor your team in a laundry education day or related event. We believe that laundry education is an important part of what we offer to the university.


Students are busy people and the experience of going to the laundry room should not be stressful. We seek to make your student’s laundry experience a good one. We have many options in terms of machines and varieties of payment options to best fit your needs.

Want to Learn More?

We would like an opportunity to speak with you about how we can help make laundry on your campus better. Just press the green button below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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